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How quick Dame Dick undermines British black People!

This is nothing new, but it is interesting in how Britain is desperate to undermine the Black Lives Matter movement and equate it with recent riots in West and South London?

The British need to face up to their Imperial Commonwealth base of exploitation and wealth and that they were responsible for U.S. Slavery!

One was taken aback by the Labour leader defending the slave trader Coulsdon and his statue being removed, it will be some time before Labour gets back into power with that establishment attitude?

Genesis 43:18, Ecclesiastes 5:6, Luke 14:18-19, John 15:22, Romans 1:20, 2:1, 15, 1 Peter 2:16.


Another year of banging the Drums!

Arrogance is a terrible sin and we can all be accused of practicing it, but when it becomes something of a historical excuse and a trap to change as it has with N-Ireland and Orangeism in light of the sad death of a young woman trying to make a career in journalism and political parties refusing to meet out of past bitterness we are in a serious situation!

This is a problem world-wide, but great opportunities are being missed to press on with the peace, now that Brexit has become more of a threat than it seems over the reestablishment of the border that no one wants, and London does not care about neither the U.S. President Trump who makes it up as he goes along?

1 Samuel 15:23,   Job 35:12,   Psalm 75:5,   94:4,   Mark 7:22,   2 Corinthians 12:20,   1 John 2:16.

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