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A month of Saints. Part-One.

Saint David and Saint Piran.

1st March Cymru-Wales, 5th March Curnow-Cornwall.

Very little is known about these two men, but what an impact as Christian believers preaching the ‘Good News message they have had over the last 1500 years in the western regions of mainland Britain.

Many people will jump up and protest that these were good Catholics, but how wrong you are. These men like Saint Patrick, the establisher of Celtic Christianity and mission was a born again Christian and His followers were the same.

They held no alligance to Rome but their Lord Jesus alone.

Exodus 15:2,  Psalm 18:46,  27:1,  Romans 8:26-27,  Philippians 2:12,  3:3.

Opus Dei. Part-Two.

Today the Opus Dei group is estimated to have a membership of 1850 priests, 83,641 laity, 55% of the estimated total membership of 85,491 are women. The OD is lead from Rome by Bishop Javier Echevarria Rodriguez. (Vatican yearbook 2004).

In 1940 the OD was accused in Spain of committing heresy, during the reign of Dictator Franco, but they were able to continue their activities up until 1950, when the Vatican allowed them to be a registered group.

Today the founder Escriva has been described as the Catholic 20th Century Loyola, who founded the Jesuits.

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