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Religious Freedom. Part-One.

Christianity and Other?

There is a world history of Christianity clashing with other religions, because of our freedoms and their enforced legalism and idolatry? Many lands in Africa clash with Islam, but also with the many primitive religions and beliefs too some of which are nothing more than folklore?

Believers can get killed for their faith, for their failure to respect a certain prophet or a certain custom! Others do not like to see freedom from ritualism, from personality worship and from community control?

Isaiah 58:16,   Matthew 6:14,   John 8:32-33,   36,   Acts 13:46,   14:3,   22:28.

The road to Emmaus. Part-One.


Jesus has now arisen from the dead and He has started to appear to his followers. He appears to two of them returning home to Emmaus from Jerusalem and walks with them. We soon discover that they are very much aware of the great events that have happened in Jerusalem over the last few days, but they have failed to grasp the significance of who Jesus in. Luke 24:13-35,  Matthew 16:12-13.

This is the problems that we continue to have today, as we maintain the traditions of religion based on keeping things, rather than having a faith and personal relationship with Jesus.

These two men hoped for the deliverance of Israel from the Roman occupation and only saw Jesus as a great prophet. Luke 24: 19, 21.

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