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Christian Legacy. Part-Two.


Tradition is a funny word like religion, it has both a good and bad meaning. The negative aspect of these words, which will happen to all Churches and fellowships is that we allow ourselves to become part of practising a ritual, rather than a dynamic faith.

Malachi 2:8,  Galatians 1:14.

Solstice. Part-Two.

New Grange-Stonehenge.

Many people will gather at these sites for the annual summer solstice, to practice a new religion sometimes referred to a neo paganism. But this is not the religion of the Celts or the people before them that occupied these islands and Europe.  Job 12:7-12,  1 Kings 18:24-29.

What we claim to know is very little, many aspects of the art and markings found continue to baffle us. The bible is the only book that tells us that when humanity was left to its own devices, it chose to abandon the Creator God and become stupid.  Romans 1:18-23.  1 Corinthians 15.

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