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Ghosts and Spooks. Part-One.

All Hallows.

There is a big difference between a ghost and a demon in the bible, as we see with the disciples of Jesus. They were afraid, that is a natural response to seeing something we do not understand in the night time.

Matthew 14:26,  Mark 6:49,   Luke 24:37.

Evil and Wickedness. Part-Four.

Ghosts and communing with the Dead.

Do you know there are ghosts, Jesus mentions them in the New Testament. But talking to the dead on any kind of level is a forbidden practice by God’s standards. What was done in the past, now must not be returned to.

‘All Hallows is about the power of God, through His Son Jesus to crush the power of Satan in our lives. That is only for those who want to seek having Faith and those who are living by faith in the work of Jesus on the cross for us and the power of His resurrection from the grave.

Leviticus 19:31,  20:6,  Isaiah 44:24-25,   Act 19:18-19

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