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Belivers and Christians. One.

In the Middle-East and North-Africa.

One noticed this past week the murder of Christians in Egypt by unknown Islamic terrorists and the failure to report these events in many Catholic European countries?

It was sad to see that the historical disunity continues over demoniational politics, between the Roman Church and the earlier Christian communites was still in bitter effect of minor doctrines?

No one really knows the heart of another and this is the same with believers, many of us will be suprised in Heaven to see who made it and did not? This is supposed to be the season of, ‘Peace and Good will than let us put our faith into deeds of kindness and mercy and throuugh it entertain Jesus Himself?

Matthew 22:14,   25:36-44,  Luke 2:15-20,  James 2:18-22.




Bru na Boinne: New Grange. Part-One.

I know it is a funny time to be starting to talk about the winter solstice, but I do not want it to interfere with Christmas.

New Grange is a very old and fascinating place in its own right, situated near to the Boyne river in Co. Meath, Ireland. No one knows who actually built it, but it is older than the Pyramids in Egypt. The ancient people living in Ireland at that time were moving from west to east and they worshiped both the Sun and the Moon. The heavens were part of their lunar calender and were needed for their agricultural year. Initially it was believed to be just a burial cairn. But this use came later, it was in fact a round platform, with ceremonies being carried out on the top of it.

New Grange, like Stonehenge in England were built for solstice activity. We have no idea what form this worship took, but it is by reading the bible and the testimony of Saint Patrick that we get a view into pagan society.

Many people today claim to follow the old religions of Druidism and Pantheism, but some have found it to be empty. Really all peoples are sinners and they need Jesus as Saviour and to be in a personal relationship daily with him. Romans 3:23, 6:23, John 3:16-21.

Mary. Part-Three.

After the birth of Jesus, Mary and Joseph are told by the Angel to flee to Egypt. Traditionally we see the images of Mary on the donkey. but the reality is that only men rode donkeys, Mary would of followed on foot behind. Matthew 2:13-23.

These events occurred after the wise men had visited the Lord and presented their gifts from the east to Him. Jesus was a one year-old child by now. Matthew 2:1-12.

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