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Irelands Own!

‘George N’koncho’

Ireland now has its own George Floyd wither they like it or not in the continued practice of racism and their own justified victimization?

Racism against black people has always been an issue hidden by the famine and the great leaving 1845-51, but in todays world it must no longer be excuses or tolerated!

One hopes that this will be the last case and the Garda get a grip on themselves to not be like those who persecuted the Irish people in the past? But sin is in all of us and until we address our human nature and failures, even as believers nothing really gets sorted out?

Job 32:1, Jeremiah 3:13, 16, 2 Peter 3:9, 1 John 1:9.

Perhaps a better New Year 2021?

President Joe Biden.

A man who stand by the Irish and the Peace Process?

Politicians are good at talking, Trump was one who promised much and told more lies than the odd truth and now his living in his own fantasy land!

Ireland is not what it once was and the Church is now in the throws of being ignored, under the guise that it is still in every home?

The peace process is precious to Ireland and doing something for black people in America is as equally important and a promise made to the family of George Floydd and hope it will be met!

Away from men and the world, Christmas is upon us once more and we are to celebrate a child, that became as man and died for our failures a once and all sacrifice from His own choice!

Hebrews 9:25-26, Luke 1:32-33, 69, 76, 79, Isaiah 9:2, 53:1-6.

Frances two Fronts!

Of Immigration?

Both in the south and the north France has issues with immigration and the free ability to cross the European Union makes many matters worse, since most of these illegals have no plans to settle in the country but pass on the U.K. or Ireland.

France has always failed it immigrant population by holding people of dark skin back, this was exposed during the Bataclan massacre, with low paid jobs if they could get them in Paris?

God sees our actions and He is the only one who truly knows our hearts and our motives!

Psalm 33:21, Proverbs 16:2, 21:27, John 3:3, Romans 5:5, 1 Thessalonians 2:3-5, Hebrews 10:22.

Christian Orphanages in Africa?

Real care or an Imperial hang-Over!

We will always have lost children, homelessness and orphans because of both wars and natural disasters?

But do Christian based orphanages really help to save, protect and care for these kids or is there another agenda here at play in relation to guilt and failure to take responsibility for home mistakes!

God wants families to care for their own and to overcome the stigma of tradition, superstition and to take their own responsibility, rather than seeking overseas aide?

One side effect of the orphanage has been the sexual abuse of children and no religious grouping is exempt from this sin!

Exodus 22:22-24, Deuteronomy 24:17-19, Job 29:12, Psalm 82:3, John 14:18, James 1:26-27.

John Hume!

A man of peace in a hostile Province.

In Northern-Ireland remain dark and divided divisions and even in saying that one is not even touching centuries of mistrust and hatred, but out of that darkness came men like John Hume, Jerry Fitt and Jerry Adams and many more to try to make peace in the thirty years of armed conflict and Protestant gerrymandering!

N-Ireland is not a real country, but a British excuse to justify their racism and sectarianism over the Irish Catholics, but despite this people still have to live, work and love in this region of class and religious division?

God here mean many different things to who you speak with, many on all sides are traditional in their beliefs and it is hard to find real believers? I don’t know what Mr. Hume believed or not, but he did try to do the right thing and he saw something of that dream come through!

Acts 2:17, 2 Timothy 3:5, James 1:26-27.


COVID19/Lung infection Virus.

This is a new strain of something that was first identified in 1969, after astronauts returned from the Moon landings, then around the millennium years another strain was at play in the U.S. and now this one breaking out in China after talks with a U.S. business delegation?

Meanwhile the U.S. President has a magic hunch now as how to cure his own problem that is trying to ruin the world, particularly the European Union is a business way?

What should our response as believers be, like Jesus who we claim to follow or know?

Jesus dealt with leprosy in His day, which was contagious and put fear into people, since there was no known cure for it! Many nursing people and carers will be daily dealing with this infection now and they need support, encouragement and prayer!

Not empty shelves, arrogant people and selfishness or self-interest to the dangers of breaking quarantine and other measures that will have to be enforced to stop cross-infection?

Proverbs 30:15,  Mark 1:34,  7:22,  Luke 17:1-17,  Romans 3:21-31,  1 Thessalonians 2:5.

‘Coming Home?

ISIL/S Fighters!

These warriors of Islam are now coming home for Christmas, from Turkey, Syria and Iraq, since they are no longer wanted there?

Many nations believed to let them go and that they would either be killed or left to fend for themselves, we the west neglected to take responsibility but instead play the blame of Al-Assad and Putin are the problem?

Now we are really up the river with no paddles, as we have to face the truth and start to deal with addressing another kind of terrorism at home!

Deuteronomy 20:1,   Matthew 12:36,   18:23,    Jude 1:3.

The Philippines?

Islands of disasters and Troubles!

The history of this island archipelago is that of sadness from conflicts to natural disasters, from dictatorships to epidemics and President Duterte?

The people are perhaps some of the most resilient on the planet or so it would seem, but one is sure that the pains of loss never really go away and suffering probably continues in silence?

The islands are plighted with on going terrorism in the southern islands of Mindanao and Jolo and the threat to Manilla is always there despite U.S. troops being in the country! The war on the drug cartels continue, despite some injustices but before Mr. Duterte came to office the situation was way out of hand and effected nearly every family?

Religious faith in great in this nation, it keeps many going! But to know the Lord as your personal Saviour is even more important to encourage believers to push and press on with education and science to improve their nation with innovation?

Meanwhile the Philippines needs our prayers also, especially when it is out of the media headlines!

Deuteronomy 1:38,   1 Samuel 23:16,   Psalm 119:28,   Isaiah 40:1,  Romans 1:12,   15:4,  Colossians 2:2,   1 Thessalonians 5:11,   1 Timothy 5:1,   Hebrews 3:13,   2 Peter 3:1.

Nigeria in conflict Again?

Like much of Africa!

We only hear what the media sometimes wants to tell us about what s going on in the world? The situation in Nigeria is complex as it is many other places, but one has to wonder if Iran might be trying to stir up some sectarian conflict as it probably has in Yemen?

Many nations on the continent of Africa have never really got over their break from the various colonial powers that illegally ruled them in the 19th Century? Counter revolution has been the only way for many to get was needed done instead of seeking a democratic way!

God owns our world, even thou Satan has been cast down to wonder in the remote parts of it and cause trouble working through human weakness of our inherited sinful condition! It is we who must seek the Lord for our Salvation knowing that His one and only son Jesus has made the final atonement for our sins!

Genesis 10:5,   Psalm 9:5,  17,  47:3,   59:8,   John 3:3,  14-18,   Acts 4:12,   Romans 3:22-23,   Philippians 1:30,   1 Thessalonians 2:2,   Hebrews 4:12,   20:32.

Waiting on God?

‘Not to become Impatient!

Wither we are waiting in a que of anything or that of an answer to prayer, we must learn to be patient with our circumstances?

Those first Disciples of our Lord were told to wait in Jerusalem, for the out pouring of the Holy Spirit! But they did not know it would be only ten days, as we do 2000 years later!

But they did not sit about in this period but got on with the business of the early Ekklesia and then to their joy what was promised came and infilled them with gifting and empowerment to serve thousands across the Roman Empire and into many lands further a field!

Proverbs 8:34,   Mark 11:24,   Acts 1:4,  12-26,   Romans 12:12,   Ephesians 6:18,  1 Thessalonians 1:3,   James 5:7,   2 Peter 3:9,    Jude 1:21.

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