U.K. Prepares for new Conflict!

Ignoring the Irish Republic on Borders?

Boris Johnson is anti-Irish as well as many other things and he has no intention but to restart conflict in N-Ireland since he continues to do nothing in U.K. negotiations with the EU.

In fact is is becoming more and more that he is not actually able to lead in the light of the COVID-19 cock-up and many other issues? Speech writing and fine talking as well as insulting journalism are his forte, but otherwise he comes across as a bumbling idiot and so does his clowning cabinet!

Only God and prayer will save Ireland from a forthcoming disaster from this ignorant man and we would be wise to start now as new groups are coming to the fore to continue the struggle?

Ruth 2:12, Job 7:4, Psalm 5:2, 34:17, 86:5, Matthew 5:44, Romans 8:26, 1 Timothy 2:2.

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