John Hume!

A man of peace in a hostile Province.

In Northern-Ireland remain dark and divided divisions and even in saying that one is not even touching centuries of mistrust and hatred, but out of that darkness came men like John Hume, Jerry Fitt and Jerry Adams and many more to try to make peace in the thirty years of armed conflict and Protestant gerrymandering!

N-Ireland is not a real country, but a British excuse to justify their racism and sectarianism over the Irish Catholics, but despite this people still have to live, work and love in this region of class and religious division?

God here mean many different things to who you speak with, many on all sides are traditional in their beliefs and it is hard to find real believers? I don’t know what Mr. Hume believed or not, but he did try to do the right thing and he saw something of that dream come through!

Acts 2:17, 2 Timothy 3:5, James 1:26-27.

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