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Ghosts and Spooks. Part-One.

All Hallows.

There is a big difference between a ghost and a demon in the bible, as we see with the disciples of Jesus. They were afraid, that is a natural response to seeing something we do not understand in the night time.

Matthew 14:26,  Mark 6:49,   Luke 24:37.

The Plague. Part-Two.

We have a Problem!

The death toll is now rising dramatically and the west is starting to wake up, but its is always money that will prevent a cure being found for Africa, but not for Britain or the United States.

This is dishonesty on a big scale and shows the lack of humanity rather than the claims of many. Where does the believer stand in all this? Financing relief, prayer and questioning the status quoa is perhaps some of the key elements.

Proverbs 11:6, Isaiah 66:24,  Hosea 13:14, Luke 12:15.

The Plague. Part-One.


This west-African plague is now hitting the western media with caution, after 4000 thousand people have died and up to three times that number infected or under watch.

The United States has been the first to send aid, the U.K. and Europe is to follow but is it enough or is it well out of control?

The bible talks about many plagues in the past for committing deliberate sins and in the future for refusing to recognise God. We must not judge Africa, but rather look at our own nations first and our reaction to God’s laws!

Exodus 7:14-25, 1 Samuel 6:4-5, Revelation 15:1, 22:18-19.

Christian Legacy. Part-Two.


Tradition is a funny word like religion, it has both a good and bad meaning. The negative aspect of these words, which will happen to all Churches and fellowships is that we allow ourselves to become part of practising a ritual, rather than a dynamic faith.

Malachi 2:8,  Galatians 1:14.

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