Myth’s and Fables. Part-One.

In all cultures and societies throughout human history man has had Myths and Fables passed down, with Legends from generation to generation and we know that these stories are partially lies. Because they have been added to over time to make them a bit more juicy.

The origin of the word Myth comes from the Greek Muthos and it has two meanings. One to teach and instruct and two, a secret.

We do like to hear a good story, even within gossip. But if that story is true, we probably ignore it or forget it. But if it has been spiced up a bit, we are sure to remember it?

People are like that with religion, they think I’m okay and so they build ideas and doctrines of their own around these beliefs. Meanwhile they ignore and excuse all the challenges of God’s commandments. Romans 1: 20-25, 2 Peter 1:16.

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